What is a live game escape ?

A live escape game , is a real-life game that you can play in team.

In a real movie set, you have 60 minutes to complete a mission and get out of a universe in which you are locked.
Each Escape Room is a universe and a mission to accomplish.
In these life-size games, you will need your logical mind, observation, communication and team cohesion!

Physical strength is not required.

The Rooms

Each Team Break agency has several rooms. If you want to know which room is available in your city, go to your mission.

Team Break Missions are classified by level of difficulty, take good knowledge before choosing your mission!

Team size

The size of the team varies according the Escape Room you choose and the city.

Some games accommodate from 2 to 4 players, other 3-6 players, other 3-14 players! Make sure of the capacity of your room before booking. If you are a team of 2 people who still want to compete in a room agreeing

minimum 3 players, this may be difficult but if however you want to experiment,

book for 3 people and come!

Other languages ​​available

All our rooms are available in English and French!


To find out which games room is accessible to people with disabilities, contact the agency of your city.

Game Masters accompany you through audio or visual clues, we advise you to always have at least one player who is not deaf.

Age limit

Pedro and Olga Escape Rooms de Pedro and Olga are for all audiences and from 8 years old.

Children from 8 to 12 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women can participate in TEAM BREAK with no problem ! The rooms contain no exercise.


If you wish to book a session, go to the booking page of your city. Bookings can be made directly online via our secure platform and you can book several rooms simultaneously.

In some Team Break agencies, some missions are available in double, allowing you to confront.

Team Break is a live event, no changes, cancellation or refund is possible after confirmation.

For a professional pr private event, if you want to privatize our place, please consult page PRO.


Prices vary depending on the size of the team and are from € 25 per person.

Team Break is a live event, no changes, cancellation or refund is possible after confirmation.


The day of your mission at Team Break has come, please be on time ! A delay penalizes the following teams !

The game session lasts 60 minutes plus a few minutes where we will give you all the necessary instructions before entering the room.

For example, for a booking at 6 :00 p.m.:
– 6 :00 p.m.: arrival at Team Break
– 6:05 p.m.: briefing
– 6:10 p.m.: start of the game
– 7:10 p.m.: end of the game
– 7:20 p.m.: end of debriefing

I am claustrophobic, are we really locked?

In case of emergency you can always leave the room with a rescue box.

Is it recorded ?

The Game Masters will follow you during your mission through cameras and microphones, but nothing is recorded.