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L’Enquete du M – RATP September 2016


CLIENT: RATP – JEP 2016-12-01

Concept and organization of Live Escape Theater on the occasion of 2016 HERITAGE DAYS

Attendees : Appropriate for all ages – 3200 players across two days

Goals : Prepare a memorable and innovative activity / Provide people with a fun and educational experience about RATP’s history / Transform 3000-square-meter warehouses into playgrounds

Location : Recycling center of Villeneuve Saint-Georges

Team Break’s contributions : Historical research and valuation of stored vehicles (old trains and buses) in collaboration with the RATP. Fictional story and tailored scenario featuring all the vehicles. Creation of an interactive show mixing an escape game and a theatrical experience. Logistic organization, in collaboration with BABEL agency. Artistic direction of the team of 15 actors and extras over 2 days

Achievements : Participation of 3200 players during the two days (5 sessions of 2 hours per day). Creation of a viral buzz before the event (more than 900,000 views of video teasers / 3500 bookings in less than an hour). Press coverage: 3 news broadcasts (TF1, France 2, France 3), radio shows, 10 newspaper articles (Le Parisien, Direct Matin, 20 Minutes, A Nous Paris…)…




Teaser Video


Team Break Event